This is a blog about the Astoria Art Festival. It is one of the biggest festivals held in Astoria every year. There will be lots of events including fashion shows, art exhibitions, film screenings, and more. The festival is held to showcase Astoria’s culture.

There are many cultural venues in Astoria. It has a movie studio where shows like ‘Sesame Street’ are filmed. There are museum and art institutions as well. The Astoria Art Festival is a great way of displaying the talents of the local people. It encourages the community to participate in this type of events. It helps to grow the culture of art. Lots of visitors come here to attend these events. They get to see the unique neighborhood and experience the great culture.

Most of the events are free. So, you can enjoy it with your friends and families. The various events at the festival are sponsored by ‘We Heart Astoria’, ‘Sibbett Studio’, ‘Roke Studio’, ‘Astoria Clowns’ and ‘Astoria Rotary Club’. This year’s festival will be held in October. We hope to see you there!