Art is existent in all communities. They are unique in their forms. Art was created long ago and we can see its evidence in rock art and cave paintings. Art today speak of people and culture. Here are some reasons why art is essential for our lives.

It is a basic human behavior

Art is something we create instinctively. Just like we speak or laugh, various forms of art comes out just like that, without much thought. Art is something that makes us complete.

It is a medium of communication

Art can communicate just like language. But art is universal; that is, its meaning is understood by everyone no matter which nationality they belong to. Art expresses people’s thoughts and ideas in a way language cannot express. So, for expression we need art.

Art tells stories

Art can be a form of preserving a culture, event, or an autobiography. It is actual documentation of history so that we can understand things better. Art talks about communities, their beliefs, and cultural values. It actually bridges the gap that exists between cultures. You can understand the past cultures and the present ones. Art is a complete lesson for us.

Every nation has its unique culture and has different forms of art. It tells about their history, values, and beliefs. It can make a community better and improve socialization. It can motivate and inspire us. So, art is something that will exist throughout time.