Community festivals are fun and exciting. It brings lots of people together to have some good time. It has both economic and social benefits. Some of the benefits are similar to that of tourism. These are some of the reasons why we must participate in community festivals and why it can improve our lives.

Economic growth

Whenever there is any community festival, lots of visitors from the nearby cities come to attend it. This leads to the growth of tourism. So, the hotel and restaurant businesses start to earn a lot of profit. Other local businesses like local craft shop also make a lot of money during festival time. People pay for the tickets to the events, parking, food, etc. during the festival time.

Improves community value

People feel good about their community and talk positively about it when there is any festival. It makes them proud to participate in such festivals and invite others to participate also. It is a way to communicate their community values and culture to people from outside the community. It gives people within the community also to learn more about their own culture and values.

Learn new things

The visitors learn new things whenever they visit any community festival. They actually experience what it’s like to be in a different culture. It helps them to understand different people and their values. It teaches them to respect people of other culture.

Improves relationships

Local organizations sponsor the event and they all have one goal. They all try to show the positive things about their community. People also come in groups to attend these events. They socialize and make new friends. They spend time together with family and friends. This improves relationships.

So, community festivals must be arranged more often to foster community values and culture. This way the people of the community will feel better about their lives.